LT Electrical/ Power Cables

These PVC cables are multipurpose, flexible, high in tensile strength, excellent conductors of current and easy to join. They are commonly used for home appliances, wiring of circuits, house wiring, power supply solutions, electric motors, Panel boards, battery cables, in railway coaches, conforming primarily to IS:694 /2010

So they can be easily used for both domestic and industrial purpose.

The major advantages of using PVC wires are:

They are robust, cost effective, have high conductivity and can provide insulation against any electrical faults

  • They bear stresses related to thermo-mechanics during constant normal and short circuit conditions.
  • These cables have resistance against the chemical or electrolytic corrosion.
  • They are unaffected by moisture.
  • These wires have great fire resisting qualities
  • They are unaffected by vibrations.

In addition, durability is another factor that works in the favor of these wires. They are durable, which means that you do not have to worry about changing your electrical cables anytime soon after the installation.

Category of LT Electrical/ Power Cables

PVC Copper & Aluminium Single Core Cables

FR/ FRLS PVC Single Core Cable

Single Core & Multi Core Flexible Cable

Two Core, Three Core Copper & Aluminium cables

FR/ FRLS PVC Multicore Cables.