About The Company

P.S.Enterprises Noida

P.S. Enterprises (Brand: Pee Ess) is one of the prominent manufacturers of cables and insulation tapes in India. We are capable of manufacturing different types of cables and tapes  meeting the specific requirement of our customers. We employ adequate operational techniques and infrastructure, which sustain the required quality of product, process or service, thus finally resulting into built-in high quality products.

Our Vision

P.S.Enterprises  was established in the year 2005 to manufacture and supply a wide range of Wires , Cables and Insulation Tapes.

We endeavor for customer satisfaction by focusing on their requirements, try for continual improvement and affirm our commitment for continual improvement in environment, Health & Safety Performance to provide a safe and healthy work place for all our employees, associates and community in general

Enhanced customer satisfaction by on-time delivery of defect free products & prompt response to customer’s queries and continual up-gradation of processes through Innovation, technology & knowledge management

Our Valuable Clients